Thermography Screening


A healthy alternative to mammography!


In cooperation with True Life in Falköping we now offer thermography to all women!


Thermography screenings are given in our location in Lerum.

650 SEK


We recall everyone to take a follow-up screening 1-3 months after the first visit,

since we need to have a reference image.

Thermography screeing 30 min

650 SEK

When we are mobile every screening costs

800 SEK

Falköping & Karlskrona


Call us for more info!


Good to know before you arrive on your screening:


It is important that the patient avoids:


• Hard workout and sauna 24 hours before the screening

• All forms of sunbathing should be avoided 5-10 days before the screening

• Alcohol and drugs should be avoided 5 days before the screening

• Hot drinks the night before and in the morning before screening

• Meals, 3-4 hours before the screening

• Creams, lotions or oils of various kinds 24 hours before the screening

THERMOGRAPHY - What is it?


Everything radiates thermal energy in the form of invisible infrared radiation energy. You have probably heard of infrared heat. Infrared thermography is the technique used to make this invisible radiation visible.


In terms of humans and animals, a thermography survey shows the physiology of the individual and not anatomy.

The infrared camera measures the surface temperature of the body and presents the information in the form of a digital image.


In case of injury, there is increased activity in the area when the body's healing process starts and therefore you can see an increased temperature difference. This also applies when the body tries to fight a tumor.


You can see the change long before a tumor develops. Since the vascular system (the blood vessel system) and the vegetative system (nervous system) are normally the same on both sides of the body, asymmetry can indicate a problem.


The pictures you take are saved in the computer and used as reference images at following thermographic screenings to see changes.


Thermography is incredibly useful, for example, for prevention purposes. You can then, with regular thermography, see how tissues change - inflammation increases or decreases, etc.



How is the screening done?


Before a Thermal Screening, the patient must be informed of important actions that must be taken to exclude sources of error.


It is important that the patient avoids:


  • Hard workout and sauna bath 24 hours before the examination
  • All forms of sunbathing should be avoided 5-10 days before the examination
  • Alcohol and strong drugs 5 days before the examination
  • Warm drinks the night before and in the morning
  • Meal, 3 hours before the screeing
  • Creams, lotions or oils of various kinds 24 hours before the examination
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs 24 hours before the examination


Ongoing infection with fever increases the temperature, which can create sources of error. Scars have a lower circulation which must be taken into account when evaluating.


To exclude different sources of error, the body part to be examined should not be covered by clothes 10-15 minutes before the examination. Suitable room temperature for adults about 20-25 degrees.


Also, the body part must not be exposed to touch of any kind or harsh movements that may develop sources of error. The distance between the heating camera and the patient is between 1 meter to about 2 meters.

The therapist adjusts the camera and sharpens the computer screen, until the picture is as good as it can be. The possible imbalance appears directly on the screen.


Pictures on your breasts will be taken from different angles. The images are sent to the doctor for analysis. You will not be notified at the time of your visit.


The screening is done in collaboration with True Life in Falköping. The pictures are then assessed by a doctor.


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