Nail Care


Treat yourself to colorful nails with Bio Sculpture & EVO2!


Bio Sculpture's main focus is Health & Safety.

These unique jelly products are specially designed to strengthen and promote the growth of natural nailswithout damaging and dehydrating. Geles from Bio Sculpture & EVO2 nurture

and protect the natural nail.


EVO presents a world-class medical formula that gives vitamins to the nails and has

an oxygenating effect. This groundbreaking technology helps prevent dehydration and

softening of keratin, and is an aid to protect the natural nail from damage.


Bio Sculpture is organic and safe! - No dust, no smell, no smoke, no toxic chemicals!


Long lasting, 5-6 weeks or longer!

Nail Strengthening 90 min

990 kr

Nail Extension 150 min

1 190 kr

Revisit 120 min

890 kr

Rebuilding of the nail

50-100 kr/nail

Removal of gel & manicure 90 min

590 kr

Classic manicure with Nailpolish 30 min

490 kr

We only use organic products in our nail treatments!


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