Massage treatments


Treat yourself to a relaxing & theraputic massage!


There are so many benefits of massage.

Massage is relaxing for muscles, relieves stress and tension in the body.

Improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation.


Massage enhances flexibility and agility, promotes deeper and easier breathing,

Strengthens the immune system and facilitates rehabilitation after injury.


With us, you can enjoy a relaxing, deep-paced Swedish-class massage with trigger points.

Organic Classical Massage Full Body

60 min

690 kr

Organic Classical Massage

Full Body with Essential Oils

60 min

790 kr

Organic Classical Back

40 min

590 kr

Organic Classical Back with Essential Oils

40 min

690 kr

Organic Lymphatic Drainage

60 min

790 kr

Organic Pregnancy Massage

60 min

690 kr

Organic Yoga Care Treatment

75 min

790 kr





We only use organic products in our massage treatments!


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