SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skincare has created a unique skin care serie that is professional and active.


Our treatments are specially designed to suit your individual skin type. With the help of a patented handsets, we help the skin to regain moisture,´become healthier, softer and more elastic!


  • Suitable for all ages & all skin types
  • Focuses on the problems of premature aging and acne
  • Developed with top quality ingredients
  • Stimulates natural collagen & elastin production
  • Healing inflammations & scars
  • Evens out skin pigments & age spots
  • Results in fast and long term beautiful & fresh skin


WISE® Organic Natural Cosmetics contains only natural oils from the plant kingdom and is kind to the skin. Designed for all skin types as well as young as mature, problematic as satisfied, dry as fat, sensitive as durable.



There are so many benefits of massage. As we live in a very stressful world, it's easy to forget to take care of yourself and your body.


  • Massage is relaxing for muscles, relieves stress and tension in the body
  • Improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation
  • Improves flexibility and mobility, promotes deeper and easier breathing, strengthens the immune system and facilitates rehabilitation after injury



We use only pure and natural products in our nail treatments.

No hazardous chemicals or vapors!


  • Our products strengthen and promote the growth of natural nails
  • The products provide vitamins to the nails and have an oxygenating effect
  • Organic and safe!
  • No dust, no smell, no smoke, no toxic chemicals!
  • Long durability, 5-6 weeks or longer!


Frequency Analysis & Dietary Counseling


We are trained True Life health advisors and use magnet resonance technology to easily diagnose Your health and provide advice and counseling on how to improve it.


During an analysis we review 180 different conditions ​​in your body such as:


  • Your general health
  • Mineral & Vitamin Deficiencies
  • PH, acid base balance
  • Gastrointestinal function
  • Bone Growth
  • Human Toxins


Thermography screening


In cooperation with True Life in Falköping we now offer thermography to all women! Thrue thermograms you can discover changes and inflammations at a very early stage.


  • A healthy alternative to mammography!
  • No radiation
  • No pain
  • Preventive



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